Join our Corporate Functions and work at the heart of CAMELOT!


Our Corporate Functions make sure that all core business processes run smoothly - as impulse generators, reliable experts, detail-oriented and service-oriented collaborators, or creative minds. We are the heart and soul of CAMELOT.

In HR, Marketing, IT Services, Finance & Controlling, Travel & Office Management, Sales, or Intelligent Workplace you support the management and our departments in all business processes.  
We are a diverse team that offers the essential expertise to make a significant difference for our business. 


Whether Sales & Customer Experience, Marketing, HR, Controlling, or Office Management – we are constantly looking for talents who support bringing CAMELOT to the next level.

Arasch - Recruiting

“After joining CAMELOT, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge both in the Employee Services department and as a Recruiter - which was great. Now I can wholeheartedly say that my passion lies in recruiting. As a team, our main goal is to always find the perfect match between applicants and the department they are working in. Basically, we are looking for talent in Value Chain Management. From developers to IT consultants to management and strategy consultants. Of course, you should have the know-how for the job. And you should have an interest in and talent for consulting. But we don't just look at technical skills. Above all, we are interested in you as a person.”

Melanie - HR Development

“Having been with CAMELOT for more than 15 years now, I was able to follow the change from a small regional consultancy to a medium-sized global company. Due to the opportunities to work across departments and to switch to internal areas such as marketing, administration, controlling and HR, I had a very good insight into internal processes and structures, which helped me to better supervise and optimize processes. With the possibility of further internal training and certification, I was able to specialize according to my wishes and thus make a valuable contribution to the company.”

Amber - Finance & Controlling

“I have been with CAMELOT for 6 years. I started as an executive assistant and then moved up to a mid-level position in finance and controlling. I work in what I think is a fantastic team and am very proud of the diverse and inclusive work culture. If you're willing to learn new things and take on challenges, there are plenty of development opportunities here.

Working in the finance department as a service provider and interface to other departments has given me the opportunity to discover a whole new talent and potential in myself. For me, it has been a winding but extraordinarily rewarding journey at CAMELOT so far.”

Sophia - Marketing

“I work at CAMELOT as a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist. 

What inspires me about my job is that innovation is at the forefront, and you have to constantly develop yourself. For me, this means learning new things on my own or through trainings, developing new strategies, creating concepts, implementing them, and, of course, analyzing them. So, it's very diverse. And this is one of the main reasons why I like working at CAMELOT: Here, innovation is important, and the spirit of innovation is really present. That helps me to rock my job. Because I think in Marketing, it's necessary to be always up-to-date and to try new things.”

Sebastian - IT

“I have been a part of CAMELOT since 2011, when I started as a trainee. Even in the first few months, I noticed that everyone at CAMELOT treats each other with respect and as equals. What is special about our company is that everyone is appreciated by their added value for CAMELOT, no matter how long they have been with us or what their career level is. A flat hierarchy and respectful interactions have ensured that I continue to enjoy working at CAMELOT even after 12 years. During this time, I was able to accompany many exciting projects and am still happy about the open and friendly interaction among colleagues.”

Marija - Front Office

“In the Front Office team at CAMELOT the tasks are varied, extensive, and above all never boring.

We work together with other internal departments and make sure that our internal processes run smoothly. For example, we support our Board of Directors and our colleagues in performing daily administrative tasks, including serving customers.

What makes CAMELOT a great place to work for me is the respectful and open atmosphere at all levels. What makes our team special for me is the sense of humor and team spirit.”