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Always a step ahead – work with us on strategies and feasible concepts that have the power to transform value chains forever.

We inspire our clients with our innovative concepts and excellent consulting services from day to day.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the diversity of our employees and their unique ideas.

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(Senior) Consultant Business Model Strategy
HR Specialist (w/m/d)
Supply Chain Management from (Senior) APO Consultant to (Senior) IBP Consultant (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Data Science / Machine Learning for Enterprise Information Management (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Information & Data Management (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Data Strategy / Digital Transformation (w/m/d)
(Senior) Business Processes Consultant SAP Logistik / Data Management (m/w/d)
(Senior) Consultant Master Data Management (w/m/d)
(Senior) Backend Engineer - PulseShift (w/m/d)
Junior Consultant Information & Data Strategy (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Advanced Analytics (w/m/d)
Principal Value Chain Transformation & Operations (w/m/d)
Consultant Data Governance Innovation (m/w/d)
(Junior) Consultant Value Chain Strategy & Design in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Chief of Staff / CEO Advisor (w/m/d)
Junior Consultant Industrial Manufacturing & Digital Transformation (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP S/4HANA Finance für Data & Analytics (m/w/d)
Principal Chemicals (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Value Chain Strategy (w/m/d)
Assistenz des Vorstandsbüros (w/m/d)
Project Manager Supply Chain Planning in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Experienced Operations Planning Consultant - Digital Supply Chain in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Experienced Inventory Management and Opt. Consultant - Digi. Supply Chain in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Exp. Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Consultant - Digital Supply Chain in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Data Engineer Cloud Technologies (m/w/d) Schwerpunkt Snowflake
Werkstudent*In Digital Operational Excellence (w/m/d)
Project Manager im Bereich Supply Chain Planning (w/m/d)
Experienced Operations Planning Consultant - Digital Supply Chain (w/m/d)
Experienced Inventory Management and Optimization Consultant - Digital Supply Chain (w/m/d)
Experienced Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Consultant - Digital Supply Chain (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Value Chain Strategy in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Consultant Value Chain Strategy - Team Lead / Project Lead in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Sustainable Value Chain Strategy in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Information Lifecycle Management (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Data Management & Advanced Analytics (m/w/d)
Werkstudent*In / Praktikant*In Supply Chain Management Consulting (w/m/d)
(Senior) Frontend Engineer - PulseShift (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Industrial Manufacturing (w/m/d)
Head of HR Services (w/m/d)
Junior Consultant Value Chain Strategy (w/m/d)
Werkstudent Human Resources (m/w/d)
Recruiting Manager / Teamleiter Recruiting (m/w/d)
Administrator / Assistent HR Services (m/w/d)
Managing Consultant Logistics Strategy (m/w/d)
(Senior) Consultant Logistics Strategy & Transformation (m/w/d)
(Senior) Consultant Transportation Management (w/m/d)
Managing Consultant Transportation Management (m/w/d)
Principal / Head of Logistics Strategy and Transformation (m/w/d)
Consultant Data Management & Innovations (m/w/d)
WerkstudentIn Corporate Social Responsibility (w/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Automation & SAP Integration (m/w/d)
(Senior) Recruiter / HR Business Partner (w/m/d)
(Junior) Consultant Supply Chain Planning - Digital Supply Chain (w/m/d)
Werkstudent Talent Acquisition & Recruiting im HR (m/w/d)