Logistics & Distribution is looking for you! Join us and rethink consisting logistics concepts!


"My name is Andreas Gmür and I’m the responsible partner for our service line Logistics. I’m based in Basel, Switzerland, joined CAMELOT over 13 years ago and am looking for "logistics passionates" to enrich our CAMELOT Logistics Family and support our successful growth path. Close and trustful team collaboration with specialists from diverse backgrounds is very important to me and is in my opinion key to our successful innovation journey. I enjoy working at CAMELOT a lot due to the wide variety of logistics projects we do together with people supporting each other. Our logistics team creates value-add for our customers thanks to strong capabilities linking logistics business strategies, process design, IT solutions and implementation competencies."


The field of logistics is undergoing dynamic changes that haven’t occurred in a long time. In addition to a focus on costs and service, sustainability, reliability, and transparent supply chains have become increasingly important. Omni-channel strategies and a great diversity of options for digital innovation require a lot of attention if you don’t want to be outrun by the competition while saving resources along the value-added chain. Accordingly, companies constantly have to question their logistics strategy. They are faced with the challenge of finding the right, future-oriented combination of inhouse resources and service providers with respect to the organizational structure, the processes and systems. We are facing these complex challenges based on our expertise for select industries and commerce with an innovative and competent approach and accompany our customers from the generation of ideas through to the implementation and transformation phase.

At CAMELOT, we want to be thought leaders and have fun. Despite – or rather because of – our flexible working models, we are aiming to work together and make above average investments in innovation. In addition to achieving exceptional results for our customers, our key focus is on our employees. To strengthen our constantly growing teams, we are looking for innovative, results-oriented, communicative and tech-savvy consultants.

Nina, 2022

“Well, logistics is a broad field that includes transportation management, warehousing, networking, design and so on. And we have colleagues who specialize in all these areas. I think what's special about our team is that you can get into new topics very easily and quickly, and you're supported by colleagues as you go deeper into those topics.

I think the logistics team is very interesting for people who like to develop themselves. Because in our team, our managers and all colleagues really support new ideas and innovations. It never gets boring.”

Alexander, 2021

“Four years ago, I have started at CAMELOT as a Consultant with experiences in implementing warehouse management solutions. I was looking for a new challenge and developing innovative solutions in the area of supply chain management appealed to me very much. CAMELOT was the right consultancy for me to learn, grow and take over responsibility to become a Senior Consultant. At the moment, I am working on strengthening our expertise in warehouse management solutions. We are looking for people with a passion for logistics who want to focus on warehouse management solutions but are also open to related areas since we drive a holistic approach in the value chain.”

Christian, 2022

“If I had to describe my work in one word, it would be "tackling complexity".

If I had to describe our work culture, I would say it is empowering, trusting and proactive. People really look for topics to be involved in, and they are given the confidence and responsibility to drive those topics. And that's really cool and unique.

In terms of diversity in the logistics team, we're very young, international, dedicated professionals who love what we do. Yes, we have many different cultures working together, but I personally hope that we can attract more female candidates to our team.”