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"I am Yorck Dietrich, head of the Consulting Line Chemicals at CAMELOT with employees in Cologne, Basel and Mannheim. Even after 20 years of consulting experience in the chemical industry, it continues to surprise and fascinate me. Its diversity defies simple schemes – solutions in the chemical industry require people who love challenges and unravel complex interrelationships."




‘One size fits all’ does not exist in the manufacturing industry. Each path to new competitive advantages is new and we set the right course in disruptive times. Chemistry 4.0 is really here and digital technologies are now ready to create added value for chemical companies. We support to derive transformation for business models from digital enablers.

Our Chemicals team sees itself as the leading industry specialist at the interface between business strategy and operational processes. We design the supply chains of the future and enable chemical companies to best buffer crises and disruptive developments and supply their customers around the world quickly and competitively. We solve evergreen problems in the industry using innovative technologies, such as advanced analytics in the management of complex production networks. We are one of the leading specialists in transforming production sites and chemical park concepts, especially considering the new challenges and opportunities presented by the circular economy. And we support our clients in the chemical industry and from the private equity sector with challenging, industry-specific tasks in mergers & acquisitions.

We hold our own against the big players in our industry thanks to our unique combination of innovative consultants and acknowledged industry experts. This enables us to solve issues with in-depth knowledge of business strategies and industry trends. The "hands-on" involvement of our industry experts on the projects ensures a successful cooperation with our clients and an efficient transfer of knowledge to the young consultants.

Diana, 2021

“I started as a Consultant in the Consulting Line Chemicals at Camelot in April 2021. As a chemist with a PhD, I can contribute my expertise in consulting in the chemical industry very well. The projects in our team are very diverse. For example, we deal with the streamlining of processes in production, the optimization of the supply chain of chemical products or the economic evaluation of companies in transactions. I find it particularly positive that I have been involved in the projects from the very beginning and have thus learned an incredible amount - also in the economic topics. I really enjoy getting to grips with new topics in a short space of time and working together as a team to develop solutions to a particular task.”


David, 2021

“After my PhD in chemistry, I joined the Consulting Line Chemicals in 2019. From the beginning, my projects were very diverse but always had a reference point to the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. For example, my initial focus was in the area of chemical infrastructure and on the evaluation of investments and potential acquisitions, which taught me a lot about economic contexts in the industry. Every project and every new client is a new challenge – this makes my work as a consultant exciting. Within the projects, I particularly like the fact that I have been able to take on responsibility from the very beginning and have contact with strategic decision-makers on the client side.

Also outside of the projects, I can develop further and work on internal topics. For example, I support the determination of our internal CO2e emissions and define measures how we can make our future business more sustainable together with our customers.”


Yorck, 2021

“Our team is an inspiring mix of scientists, engineers, and economists, of highly experienced consultants with industry backgrounds, and young talents. New joiners take on project responsibility early on, and the varied portfolio ensures a steep learning curve. Science graduates can test as "Visiting Associate" whether content and our culture match their expectations.

If you have outstanding analytical and communication skills and face challenges with the will to succeed, you should apply to us. At CAMELOT, you will encounter a culture that offers a lot of freedom to shape your own development path and allows for mutual stimulation with other teams, disciplines, and special fields.”