Business Transformation & Organization is looking for change! Join us!

In times of unprecedented market dynamics, the ability to manage change fast and effectively is key. Successful leaders run transformations based on data insights and not on instinct.


Mark, 2021

“Before I started my consultant career at CAMELOT back in 2016, I used to be professional swimmer. Without much professional experience but with a certain work attitude and many impressions from the world of high-performance sport, I soon became integral part of the Business Transformation & Organization “BTO” team and trusted advisor to many clients. Since then, I focused on business value creation through people and organization. My expertise is concentrated in three areas - Organization Design, Change Management and Transformation Analytics - for which I have developed a real passion over the years.”

“If you are looking for a young, ambitious and highly professional team that guides organizations through their transformation initiatives, then the “BTO” team is happy to welcome you on board.”


Michael, 2021

“Joining CAMELOT after years of being self-employed and running an own company I was a bit reluctant first. However, since then I have been greatly impressed by the innovative and visionary leadership of CAMELOT. While working at CAMELOT I do especially enjoy the amount of individual freedom, short decision cycles and the direct contact to our top management.”

Norman, 2021

“I joined CAMELOT through the acquisition of the startup – PulseShift – I co-founded. Since then, we are constantly expanding, refining, and improving our Transformation Analytics Cloud Software Solution. Why? Because I firmly believe that a modern, successful transformation management combines a data-driven approach with a clear people strategy.”

“In a world of ever-quickening technology advancement, understanding change is impossible without combined skills from business, psychology, and information technology.”