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Senior / Principal Professional Supply Chain Management (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Digital Manufacturing (f/m/d)
Inhouse Consultant (f/m/d) HR for SAP SuccessFactors
(Senior) Digital Supply Chain Consultant - Semiconductor (f/m/d)
Junior Consultant SAP Data Intelligence (f/m/d)
(Senior) Developer Artificial Intelligence & Data Science for Supply Chains (f/m/d)
Architect SAP BW/4HANA (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Data Intelligence (f/m/d)
Architect Big Data & Data Science (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Enterprise Asset Management / Plant Maintenance (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Analytics (f/m/d)
Microsoft 365 Administrator (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant / Solution Architect Logistic & SAP TM (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant / Solution Architect Logistic & SAP LBN (f/m/d)
Software Test Engineer (f/m/d)
Software Support Specialist (f/m/d)
(Junior) Product Manager SCM (m/f/d)
SAP BTP Application Developer (f/m/d)
(Senior) Full Stack Developer in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Production Planning (PP) & Quality Management (QM) in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
DevOps Engineer (f/m/d)
(Senior) SAP CX Consultant (f/m/d)
(Junior) SAP CX Consultant (f/m/d)
DevOps Engineer (f/m/d) in Wroclaw
(Senior) Frontend Developer - Angular in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Lead Architect SAP MDG in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Full Stack Cloud Developer in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP MDG in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Working Student / Intern IT Consulting / Communication (f/m/d)
(Senior) Technical Professional Process Orchestration in Germany / India / Brazil / USA (f/m/d)
Professional Supply Chain Management (f/m/d)
Professional Digital Manufacturing (Leadership Position) (f/m/d)
(Senior) Frontend Developer - Angular (f/m/d)
Software Engineer / Developer for SAP Technologies (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP EWM (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Data Transformation (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) (f/m/d)
Architect SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) (f/m/d)
Lead Architect SAP MDG (f/m/d)
HR Coordinator (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Quantitative Supply Chain Scientist (f/m/d)
Solution Architect SAP S/4HANA (f/m/d)
(Senior) Backend Developer - node.js Focus (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Data Migration (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Data Quality Management (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management (MDG-EAM) (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP BW/4HANA (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Data Management and Processes (m/f/d)
(Senior) Python Developer/Architect (f/m/d)