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You want to gain professional experience during an internship or as working student? Or you are looking for an apprenticeship or the opportunity to write your thesis? Eventually, you have successfully finished your studies but want to play safe that working in a consultancy really is your thing?

Apply at Camelot and become part of us! We give you the chance to actively participate and initiate change. With us, you will gain project-related insights, increase your knowledge, and build relevant relationships. This will nurture your further studies and your career. With our experts we provide the best mentoring and support you in starting your career in consultancy.


“When I applied for my internship at Camelot, I received a call from HR and I got an overview on various potential topics to work on. What I liked most during the application process was the interview with my manager. I felt that he really spent a lot of time reading my application materials and tried to know me as a person, and also as a potential future full-time employee.

During the internship, I built up knowledge in my focus topic, also by working remotely on a project.”


“Three years ago, I started at Camelot as a working student. Now, I am working as Consultant.

I studied at the KIT in Karlsruhe, from where I could pursue my working student activity without having to always come into the Mannheim office. In my opinion, back then Camelot already had confidence and trusted me with working from home.

I never thought I would ever become a consultant – but with Camelot it’s a match.”


“I joined Camelot as Junior Consultant after having finished my Masters degree in Mannheim.

I moved from China to Germany, and it makes me feel very good to work at Camelot as we really live diversity. We have a lot of colleagues from all over the world. Our company is quite young, and the culture is quite inclusive.

I think, as consultants we need to be very open, innovative, and communicative.”