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You have reached your first career milestones and now you are looking for new challenges to grow? You realize your innovative ideas target- and result-oriented also in stressful phases? You strive for taking on responsibility by having ambitious goals but as a team player you are also contributing to positive group dynamics? You want to actively shape the success of our teams and make a change?

Camelot offers you the freedom to constantly expand your knowledge, also outside of the box, and to build up new expertise. If you want to write new success stories together with your new team: Apply!

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Senior / Principal Professional Supply Chain Management (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Digital Manufacturing (f/m/d)
Inhouse Consultant (f/m/d) HR for SAP SuccessFactors
(Senior) Digital Supply Chain Consultant - Semiconductor (f/m/d)
Junior Consultant SAP Data Intelligence (f/m/d)
(Senior) Developer Artificial Intelligence & Data Science for Supply Chains (f/m/d)
Architect SAP BW/4HANA (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Data Intelligence (f/m/d)
Architect Big Data & Data Science (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Enterprise Asset Management / Plant Maintenance (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Analytics (f/m/d)
Microsoft 365 Administrator (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant / Solution Architect Logistic & SAP TM (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant / Solution Architect Logistic & SAP LBN (f/m/d)
SAP BTP Application Developer (f/m/d)
(Senior) Full Stack Developer in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Production Planning (PP) & Quality Management (QM) in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
DevOps Engineer (f/m/d)
(Senior) SAP CX Consultant (f/m/d)
DevOps Engineer (f/m/d) in Wroclaw
(Senior) Frontend Developer - Angular in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
Lead Architect SAP MDG in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Full Stack Cloud Developer in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP MDG in Wroclaw/Poland (f/m/d)
(Senior) Technical Professional Process Orchestration in Germany / India / Brazil / USA (f/m/d)
Professional Supply Chain Management (f/m/d)
Professional Digital Manufacturing (Leadership Position) (f/m/d)
(Senior) Frontend Developer - Angular (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP EWM (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Data Transformation (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) (f/m/d)
Architect SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) (f/m/d)
Lead Architect SAP MDG (f/m/d)
HR Coordinator (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Quantitative Supply Chain Scientist (f/m/d)
(Senior) Backend Developer - node.js Focus (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Data Migration (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant Data Quality Management (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management (MDG-EAM) (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP BW/4HANA (f/m/d)
(Senior) Consultant SAP Data Management and Processes (m/f/d)
(Senior) Python Developer/Architect (f/m/d)

Lauriane, 2021

“I gathered my first professional experiences within the industry before I joined Camelot. I have been with Camelot for already five years now and  developed strongly within my field of experience.

As a consultant, it is important to be curious and eager to always learn about new and innovative topics. Because the consulting sector is evolving constantly and very fast.”

Jens, 2021

“By now, I have been working almost eight years at Camelot. On average, the stereotype of a consultant changes the job after 3-5 years.

Of course, working in a consultancy brings peak times regarding working hours, but Camelot always tries to provide the necessary flexibility to combine family and work. Myself, I have two children.”

Heike, 2021

“In general, the support between colleagues within our teams is very high. The project teams always change, as they are put together based on the specific customer projects and needs. This means, there are no established cliques.

Myself, I got to know Camelot via a former fellow student. Before, I could not at all see myself working in a consultancy. I have been with Camelot for five years now and am working as Managing Consultant.”